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We are authorized Distributor for
Kynance Systems, United Kingdom.

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Corporate Office: House: 50, 5th Floor, Road:2, Banani DOHS, Banani, Dhaka-1206, 04478117180, 096-331ANOBA(26622), 01865002380-99, 01711117180, 01928638011, 01720202602.

Service Center: 1/2, NoorJahan Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207
Narayangonj Office: Gulshan Road-1, Horiharpara, Panchbati, Narayangonj. Phone: 01865-002382.

Pabna Office: College Para, Shalgaria, Pabna-6600. Phone: 01865-002389, 01720-202602.

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Our Products:
Huu Toan, Vietnam:
World famous Industrial Generators brand with 1Year Warranty.

Kynance Systems, UK: Kynance is a leading global Electronic Addressable fire alarm and security systems brand with 3Years Warranty.

SOYANG, Korea: MCB, MCCB, Magnetic Contractor, Capacitor, CT PT etc with 1Year Warranty.

CP PLUS, German :
CCTV, IP Camera, DVR & NVRs with 1 Year replacement Warranty.

Bristol, UAE:
Top selling UL Listed Fire Pump, UL Fire Door, Fire Fighting Accessories with 1 Year Warranty.

SUPREMA, Korea : Web based Time attendance & Access controls with 1 Year Warranty.

HUAYIN, China : PA systems and Audio Conference Systems with 2 Year's Warranty.

Shobdo Jontro :
PA systems and Audio Conference Systems with 2 Year's Warranty.

Bengal Power : UPS, IPS, Voltage Stabilizer, Solar Power System etc with 3 Years and more Warranty.

Anoson : UPS, Voltage Stabilizer, Conventional Smoke Detection System, Intruder Alarm system, Display Panel system, Fog light, Power Supply etc with 3 Years Warranty.

Schneider: Busber Trunking System, Automation, PLC, MCB, MCCB, VCB, ACB, wiring devices etc.

General: Air Conditioner.

AB Technology Corporation Ltd.is the reliable technologies source in Bangladesh , having been continuing its business as an importer, manufacturer, marketer of wide range of electrical and electronics products.

Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer (Oil & Dry type), H.T. & L.T. Switchgear, PFI Plant, H.T Metering unit & CT, PT, Package type Sub-station, Busbar Trunking System (BBT), Motor Speed Controller, MCB, MCCB, ACB, MC, LBS, VCB & IDMT Relay, Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (Dry & Oil Type), Uninterruptible Power System (UPS): Off-Line & On-Line, Instant Power Supply (IPS) (For Domestic & Industrial Application), Battery, Battery Charger, Inverter & Converter, Generator (Diesel & Gas), Solar Power (Solar Home System & On Load Grid System), Air Conditioner, Free Cooling Unit (FCU) or DC Ventilation for BTS Room.

We also supplying, Installing Air Conditioner, Lighting Protection System(LPS), Fire Detection and Alarm System, UL listed Fire Door, Fire Hydrant System, CCTV (DVR & NVR), PA System, PABX System, Portable Power backup and Lighting System, Factory Automation etc.

Quality products, Customization, Highly focused R&D, Competitive pricing, Timely Delivery, Unparalleled after sales service, 24/7 Phone Support.

News: 11 January 2018 : ABTCL starts its another workshop for Transformer and Electrical Sub-station at Kafrul, Dhaka.